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Penfold Case Study : Enhancing Security and Control in Mineral Transportation with Traxens

Client Overview :  

Penfold Ltda. is a minerals and metals trading company based in Bolivia, specializing in the import and distribution of raw materials globally. With a strong focus on optimizing transportation logistics, Penfold's traffic team provides strategic advice and solutions for the movement and storage of minerals via various modes of transportation.

Challenges Faced :  

Before implementing Traxens' IoT solutions, Penfold Ltda. encountered challenges related to monitoring the containers that carried their valuable mineral materials and had concerns regarding the security of their mineral shipments during transportation. They were troubled by the lack of visibility and control over their containers, which made them susceptible to risks such as theft and smuggling. These risks could not only lead to financial losses but also damage their reputation and business operations.

Discovery of Traxens :  

Penfold Ltda. learned about Traxens' product through a recommendation from their shipping partner, MSC. Intrigued by the unique features Traxens offered, such as real-time container tracking and event monitoring, Penfold decided to choose Traxens over other options. The reputation for high-quality service further reinforced their decision.

Implementation Process :  

The process of incorporating Traxens' solution into Penfold Ltda.'s operations was notably smooth, largely owing to the user-friendly and intuitive interface of the platform. This ease of use streamlined integration, allowing the team to swiftly adapt to the technology and leverage its features. The intuitive layout enabled efficient navigation, data management, and event monitoring. The platform's simplicity minimized the need for extensive training, facilitating a faster adoption process.  

Valuable Features and Benefits :  

The features that proved most valuable to Penfold were the ability to monitor various events associated with each shipment/container, such as door openings, and the precise real-time location tracking. This functionality provided them with enhanced control and visibility over their shipments.

Traxens' smart container solution also played a pivotal role in addressing Penfold's security concerns. In the year following the implementation of Traxens, Penfold Ltda. reported a significant reduction in suspicions of theft and smuggling. By utilizing Traxens' tracking and monitoring capabilities, Penfold gained better control over their shipments, reducing the risk of incidents. This enhanced security directly impacted their operational reliability.

Traxens' smart container integration significantly enhanced Penfold Ltda.'s operational efficiency by centralizing container tracking and reporting within a single platform. This streamlined approach eliminated the need for multiple additional services, resulting in substantial cost savings in their logistics operations and better service for their customers.

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