Marc Valette, innovation director at CFL multimodal

Traxens’ rail freight solution helps our operations by enabling the monitoring of assets and their surroundings, which significantly improves operational efficiency. The technology used by Traxens, enabling the local interconnection of different devices without wiring, opens up new opportunities in train condition and composition monitoring.

Director of Information and Communication Technologies, Fundacion Valenciaport

The Port of Valencia believes in the role of innovation and digitalization for the future of shipping ports, for example, by using the Port Community Systems integration platform. We are delighted to provide a trial site for Traxens, which could eventually result in the improvement of operations for the whole of the shipping industry.

Industry Analyst, Transportation & Logistics, Frost & Sullivan

Traxens will likely become the supply chain digital transformation standard for ocean freight container transportation because it is committed to its customers and seeks to become the strategic partner of leading transport operators and become the trusted third-party provider for other potential end users in the transportation ecosystem...

President and CEO, MSC Group

MSC believes that the real-time tracking of containers is the future of the shipping industry. While shipping lines should of course compete on service, we will achieve better results for our customers by working in a more harmonised way on technology and innovation...

Senior Vice President Commercial Agencies Network CMA CGM

CMA CGM is a major player in the digital transformation of the shipping and logistics industry, that’s why we were the first shareholder of Traxens. Over the years, Traxens has become the leading IoT solution within our industry and helps us providing more value to our customers.

Senior Vice President Aerospace and Defense, Daher

We handle complex full-fledged logistics services for Aerospace OEMs and aircraft manufacturers, relying on our know-how and on advanced technologies. Using Traxens reliable and highly trusted monitoring solution will enable us to strengthen our fleet management services...

Vice President, Global Logistics Procurement, BASF SE

For BASF, increased visibility and on-time performance are key elements in the end-to-end cargo flow. We tested Traxens smart containers and were very happy with the additional insights this product provided us from the complete tracking of individual shipments to valuable data on exceptions ...

Real-time insight

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Gain real-time end-to-end shipment visibility and predictive insight

Real-time actionable insight enables you to track shipments and make decisions that increase supply chain efficiency.

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Optimize usage of all assets powered or not

Visibility into assets enables you to save time, know exact locations,Save time and get visibility into the location of your equipment, receive geofence alerts to identify and mitigate theft and unauthorized use, track usage and engine hours for more accurate billing and deployment.

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One-stop-shop for high quality and certified IOT shipping data

Welcome to the world's best supply chain IOT data aggregation platform, providing qualified and certified data that you can confidently leverage to combine and increase the value of your customer services.

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Delivering Real-Time Insights That Matter

Data Production

Traxens devices are permanently attached to assets—dry containers, reefer containers, wagons, or trailers. The devices capture and transmit real-time data from anywhere in the world.

Data Aggregation

Asset data is sent to our IoT platform, which aggregates high volumes of data traffic from our devices and many other external sources.

Data Usage

Traxens analyzes, cleanses, and enriches data, converting it into valuable insight for time-sensitive, data-driven decisions.

Interoperability Delivers Value to Everyone

Smart asset communication with extra sensors.

Hardware Interoperability through standard protocols

Our API catalog

Recognized Expertise

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