February 2, 2023

New CEO for leading smart-container provider for the global supply chain industry

Cédric Rosemont has been appointed as CEO of Traxens, a leading smart-container service provider for the global supply chain industry.

Marseille, France - February 1, 2023 - Traxens, a leading smart-container service provider for the global supply chain industry, announces the appointment of Cédric Rosemont, former CEO and founder of Next4, as CEO of Traxens effective from the 8th of December 2022. Cedric is known for his expertise in the telematics and IoT market, his strong knowledge of the maritime sector and his agile management of companies. Cedric has worked as CMO for Traxens since Next4’s acquisition a year ago. As well as his CEO appointment, he will remain in charge of sales and marketing.

“I am happy to announce my new position as CEO at Traxens for which I have to thank the trust of our shareholders, said Rosemont. I truly believe that Traxens has a strong role to play in this emerging but extremely deep market, and that we will keep strengthening our position over the years to come.”

Since its launch in 2012, Traxens has become a leader in shipping container tracking. More than improving supply chain visibility, Traxens’ systems can also contribute to solving significant security problems, such as cargo theft and smuggling thanks to door opening detections. To achieve this goal, its solutions collect, qualify and enrich shipping container data to provide real-time visibility and relevant insights for international supply chains. Its Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution is based on a breakthrough technology that enables access to the most comprehensive, precise and timely data all over the world.

” In this fast-growing market, our order book will enable us to almost double revenue in 2023, and with our customers and shareholders' addressable market of more than 11 million containers, we have lots of room for growth, declared Marc Ligonesche, CFO at Traxens since 2017.”

Main shareholders of Traxens include major global shipping lines who are already investing heavily in the technology, deploying hundreds of thousands of Traxens devices across their fleets with more to come. As shippers demand ever more reliable and redundant real-time tracking data, Traxens’ smart container tracking solutions have also been adopted by leading freight forwarders such as DB Schenker, Bolloré Logistics and Kuehne+Nagel.

“We’re very proud to announce Kuehne+Nagel as a new partner. Having started this partnership in the quest for more digital supply chains, we are all very pleased with the progress we have made so far, and we are looking forward to deploying our latest solutions with them in 2023, said Rosemont.”

“With Traxens data analytics at the heart of millions of connected assets, we envision a world where supply chain and asset management merge the physical and digital worlds. Our commitment to improving total visibility of supply chains, and our successful results regarding detections of illicit action on containers, encourage us to continue implementing our solutions in the aim of positive societal impacts. Smart containers can also be used to identify unnecessary container trips and will make a major contribution to the optimization of rotations.”

In 2022 the addition of removable, reusable container-tracking systems is a strategic expansion of Traxens’ business model to target new markets and, during this challenging period for the supply chain, ensures almost immediate availability of at least one of the two technology solutions for Traxens’ customers. Shippers or their partners can use a pre-equipped container or a removable cargo tracker to place on their containers according to their needs.

About Traxens
Traxens has been driving digital transformation in the global supply chain for more than ten years. The company’s breakthrough IoT technology, data science expertise, global logistics experience and standards leadership unlock the value of real-time data generated from cargo assets shipped by sea, rail and truck. Traxens is trusted by hundreds of global cargo owners, enabling them to reduce door-to-door transport costs, optimize their operations and minimize risks. By partnering with the world’s leading shipping lines, authorities and insurance companies, Traxens helps all members of the global logistics ecosystem to reach a sustainable and optimized supply chain. Traxens is privately held and headquartered in Marseille, France.