Saving Time, Fuel, and Headaches

Traxens smart solutions streamline cargo pickup for trucking companies and clients alike

The Challenge

• Minimize waiting time at terminals for cargo pickup

• Avoid unforeseen trucking costs per shipment

• Reduce downstream risk associated with delays and higher costs

 The Solution

Traxens Smart Containers, data analysis, and automation

The Results

• Trucking company significantly reduced fleet idle time and optimized scheduling

• Client avoided additional costs associated with long wait times at the terminal

• Both saved staff time and eliminated unnecessary communication via automated appointments

Collaborating for Greater Efficiency

Dispatching trucks to pick up cargo at port at the right time requires a lot of things to go as planned. And often, they don't. Trucking companies frequently require the client's container to be unloaded at port before the client can schedule an appointment for pickup. Shipping delays, port congestion, and other factors can affect container-offloading forecasts by hours or even days. When the trucking company reserves time and the shipment is not ready, the truck must wait—burning fuel, costing driver time, and being unavailable for other shipments.

Without insight into actual container location, clients have little control over cargo pickup times. Lack of visibility creates uncertainty and can affect everything from cost of goods, financing payments, and final delivery agreements—to customer goodwill and opportunity loss. To improve cargo pickup timing and efficiency, a shipping client and trucking company collaborated to pilot Traxens smart container and automated communication solutions.

The Solution

The client used Traxens smart containers for importing apparel from Asia to Europe. Traxens smart containers include sensors for high-precision geolocation, geofencing, shock detection, temperature and humidity monitoring and other functions. The smart containers continuously aggregate and transmit data to the Traxens cloud throughout the journey via global cell links.

The client has real-time visibility into the shipment anywhere in the world from the Traxens app or web browser. When the smart container arrives in port, sensors detect the unloading movement signature and alert the client. At the same time, Traxens automatically books an appointment with the trucking company for pickup.

Saving Time, Reducing Costs

The trucking company significantly reduced idle time for its fleet and drivers, while lowering costs associated with wait times. Traxens information also allowed it to improve fleet utilization. For example, the company can schedule container drop-offs and pickups in a single trip more often, making fewer visits to the port.

With real-time information, the client can avoid uncertainty and reduce the amount of time spent in communication with the BCO, trucking company, and finance team. Every step is documented and time-stamped to ensure accurate reporting. And because trucks enter and depart port more quickly, the client avoids high charges for long wait times and fuel costs.

Increased Revenue Potential

Time savings enable the trucking company to optimize scheduling—hauling more cargo and increasing revenues. Less fuel consumed in waiting also lowers the overall cost per trip. With Traxens information, the trucking company is streamlining operations to further increase overall efficiency and improve customer service.

The client and the truck company are both looking at additional ways to use Traxens information for improving business operations. At the end of this journey, everyone wins.

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