Auto Electronics Manufacturer Reduces Legal, Business, and Reputation Risk

Traxens insight enables companies to quickly identify damaged products and prevent them from installation in new vehicles

The Challenge

• Improve manufacturer's ability to identify electronics parts damaged in shipping

• Avoid crises created by defective components installed in vehicles

• Reduce the cost of impact monitoring for shipments

The Solution

Traxens smart solutions and data analysis

The Results

• Reduced monitoring costs by more than 70%

• Reduced legal, business, and brand risk

• Enabled teams to proactively address instances of damaged products for greater client satisfaction

The Risk of Sudden Impacts

Automobiles increasingly rely on electronic components for everything from displaying vehicle information and providing sophisticated infotainment to managing sensor and computer data functions through the Controller Area Network (CAN). Electronics are sensitive and can be damaged by sudden impact, acceleration, or vibration during shipping, making them defective. If not detected before installation, defective parts can malfunction and cause significant auto safety and security problems. Defective parts have led to costly recalls, legal battles, and loss of brand reputation.

A North American automotive parts manufacturer provides electronic components for automakers around the world. It has traditionally used expensive monitoring devices to measure packaging shocks and identify parts that might be damaged. However, the monitoring devices are costly and the manufacturer wants to reduce monitoring costs while maintaining visibility into shipments.

The Solution

For assistance in identifying a new solution, the manufacturer turned to its freight forwarding company which recommended Traxens smart devices. Traxens devices are easily attached to shipping containers or crates. Embedded sensors enable Traxens devices to continuously measure and record shocks to the crates during shipping. Throughout the journey, data is continuously sent over global cellular links to the Traxens cloud-based platform for analysis. Any sudden impact or acceleration is time-stamped, geo-located, and communicated instantly.


Shocking Visibility

The manufacturer now logs into the Traxens dashboard to view alerts, set thresholds for alerting, and see exact locations, times, and nature of the shocks. Traxens information is displayed in highly visual formats, making it easy to check status at a glance or drill down into deeper detail. Role-based views enable the manufacturer's teams to proactively take action—whether it means testing and re-validating components, recalling them, quickly sending replacements, adjusting billing, or replacing specific transport companies.


Creating Savings

Traxens solutions reduced the manufacturer's monitoring costs by more than 70%. At the same time, data analysis and dashboard views reduce costs associated with parts returns and claims management. Team members save time because they do not have to manually retrieve Traxens devices or download data.


Risk Reduction

The manufacturer's legal team now sleeps better at night, knowing that there is far less risk of a faulty part being assembled. The ability to track products from door to door also helps the manufacturer reduce overall business and brand reputation risk. Now the company is looking at more ways of using Traxens data to streamline shipping operations and improve client satisfaction. For this manufacturer, Traxens is just good business.

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