Modular approach for cross asset capabilities

Traxens offers a cross asset tracking solution. This offer is based on our core technologies platform, which bring a modular approach to fit with each asset specificities. This solution covers powerless assets with track and trace features, but is also customizable thanks to accessory for advanced integration on smart assets like Reefers, Gensets, ..

Container Dry

Container Reefer



Other industrial assets

Produce, collect and distribute data

Interoperability and connectivity at each Level


Smart asset communication with extra sensors

TRAXENS solution provides a standard set of embedded sensors as a default configuration allowing Smart Containers monitoring. An interoperable wireless interface is also present to offer the capability to complete the cargo monitoring services with a wide set of COTS extra remote sensors to fit specific customer needs.

Interoperability with our platform with 3rd parties IOT Providers

The combination of widespread cellular networks and the LightWeight M2M device management standard open protocol allows a globalized and shared approach to tracking assets and monitoring cargo.

Data exchange through API 

TRAXENS cloud platform ensure the acquisition of the IoT data from different devices sources allowing to feed the whole ecosystem through a complete API catalog managed by a smart rules engine ensuring the fine tuning of data segregation.

An expertise proven on the field

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Expertise for data production

Traxens develops its own IoT edge devices from choosing the right components up to designing a custom robust casings or dedicated radio communication modules. The devices are tailored for logistics asset tracking through years of experience.

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Use cases and operational knowledge

Traxens gathered a team with meaningful experience in the logistics industry to work closely with big players of the field to understand use cases, try new functions and provide the best technical solution for the market.

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Expertise for data qualification

With a full vertical integration from sensor to web applications, Traxens is able to qualify raw data which are then contextualized and enhanced with trip plan data, tracking statuses and transportation mean monitoring.

Technology Innovation

Our DNA, go always further

Next Generation Solar-Powered tracking device

With a new streamlined design, our solar device built for dry, trailer and wagon, includes an enhanced, high-sensitivity solar panel that can full recharge in 7 days with an autonomous for 10+ Years. The solar devices are ruggedized to withstand extreme conditions, and include built-in tamper and impact detection and can easily communicate with cargo wireless sensors.

Digital Brake test for Digital Freight Train

Secure train preparation while making economic benefits. Brake Test application cuts the pre-trip brake inspection from a typical 45 minutes to 15 minutes.