Geolocation data

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) interface provides high-precision geolocation anywhere in the world. Positioning data automatically detects the mode of transport, calculates mileage, and computes CO2.

Geofencing and predictive ETA

Create your own zones of interests (ZOIs) directly connected to UN/LOCODE. Our devices use geolocation data to perform geofencing on important ZOIs and predict arrival dates and times.


Shock detection

Our devices detect shock up to 200Gs. With a database of more than 400,000 shock events, our algorithm accurately assesses the severity of any shock to the container.

Door opening

To secure and guarantee cargo, we detect precisely when a door is opened or closed and links the event to the trip plan. Unexpected container openings trigger alerts, which aid teams in identifying cargo tampering or theft.

Temperature and humidity fluctuation

Monitor environmental attributes inside containers and other assets via remote sensors. Temperature and humidity values help you prevent cargo spoilage.