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All devices in the TRAXENS Container Monitoring System have been built for massive deployment:  Low-cost, Low/No Maintenance, high volume. We have developed specific low-energy technology so that our devices can be energy autonomous for the active life of a container. Our smart devices can decide what information is needed and when to make the best use of energy by only communicating when necessary and by sharing the duty of power hungry tranmissions with other neighboring devices. All the data gathered by our devices is available through services from our TRAXENS-HUB platform.

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The TRAXENS-BOX S+ is a monitoring device which can be used on all container types; reefers, dry, tank. The TRAXENS-BOX S+ is permanently attached to containers and collects data such as GPS position, temperature, impacts, movement, and vibration and transmits it in the most energy efficient way to TRAXENS-HUB, our data platform. TRAXENS-BOX S+ uses a combination of transmission technologies to optimize energy consumption and costs including TRAXENS-NET, a low power mesh radio network designed for optimal performance in the harsh container environment.

Additional data can be gathered through remote sensors wirelessly connected to the TRAXENS-BOX S+ through TRAXENS-NET. This allows parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure to be traced in near real-time within the container cargo. Additional sensors are available from TRAXENS and from third parties who integrate TRAXENS-NET into their own sensors. If a sensor exists for the parameter that you want to track then it is possible to integrate it into the TRAXENS system. 

For reefer containers an additional unit (TRAXENS-LINK) and cables are added to connect the TRAXENS-BOX S+ to the reefer controller. All data available from the reefer controller can be accessed on TRAXENS-HUB. Sending data to reefers to change parameters such as set-points is possible but only via stringently controlled access rights coupled with well documented processes. TRAXENS-BOX S+ is compatible with all major reefer container brands.

Having a single device for use will all container types allows TRAXENS to reap the cost and quality benefits of mass production.

TRAXENS created business partnerships with major shipping lines so that data on position and condition of cargo is available to shippers. In general TRAXENS does not sell TRAXENS-BOXes through any other channel. 

Cargo data services will be available from containers operated by CMA CGM and MSC starting in early 2017. Availibility from other shipping lines is expected.

If you are a manufacturer or retailer wishing to track your intermodal cargo please contact us.

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Integrated Intelligent Multimodal Transport

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