Geolocation and Geofencing

Know where your container is at anytime. Create your own areas of interest and get Full visibility on what you usually could not see.

Shock detection

Detect shocks on containers and assess severity through our shock algorithm.

Door opening

Be alerted to unexpected container openings during the cargo journey.

Temperature and humidity fluctuation

Follow up your cargo condition in real time through the whole journey.

Holistic Analysis Through
Data Interoperability

We collect, cleanse, and analyze massive amounts of real-time data from our own devices, but also from smart devices across the ecosystem. As asset keepers and asset users begin generating data streams from smart devices and remote sensors, we can collect, cleanse, and analyze multiple data sets from multiple providers.

Data interoperability enables holistic analysis. You receive meaningful information from anywhere across your supply chain. We give you better context for decision-making and better insight for collaborating with partners.

Powerfull Applications Suite

: Our platform transforms data and distributes the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time. We enable you to make time-sensitive, data-backed decisions with end-to-end visibility.

Share Data
to Create Value

Partnership has been at the heart of our strategy from the beginning. Shared data enables everyone to connect the dots and create value for customers.