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Traxens receives international UIC Digital Award

International Union of Railways (UIC) in Paris announced Traxens as winner in the Productivity Category  
Marseille, France, December 6, 2018 - Traxens, a provider of high-value data and services for the supply chain industry, today announces that the company has won the 2018 UIC Digital award in the Productivity Category from the UIC, the worldwide railway organisation. This award highlights the benefits accrued in productivity from deploying digital trains, making it possible to modernize rail freight.  
Traxens is the winner in the Productivity category. Its smart container solution combines a mesh radio network, devices attached to wagons and a big data platform. Together, they provide a new source of data about the position and condition of rolling stock and cargo. This data can also be used to improve fleet and supply chain management, which benefit operations, security and services.  
“Traxens is thrilled to receive industry recognition of its solution that addresses the digitalization of rail freight and brings benefits in operational productivity. These impact services, productivity and safety, such as reducing repetitive and tedious tasks,” said Florence Delalande, director of the Rail Business Unit at Traxens.  
This is the third consecutive year that UIC, the worldwide professional association representing the railway sector and promoting rail transport, has organized the UIC Digital Awards. This global competition, which attracted close to 30 candidates, is open to start-ups with activities in one of three categories: productivity, services or security. 
The UIC Digital Awards seek to recognize the exchange of knowledge taking place between railway companies and start-ups, with the aim of opening up new perspectives on the railway sector and future mobility as a result of innovative start-ups being part of the value chain. The UIC’s philosophy to ‘shareopen-connect’, particularly in digital transformation, is supported by various ecosystem players.  
About Traxens Traxens delivers the world's most extensive, precise and timely information about containers in transit anywhere in the world using breakthrough technology and Big Data techniques. This information provides all stakeholders in multi-modal transport the opportunity to improve costs, optimize investment and offer premium services. 
About UIC 
The UIC main missions are:  Promote rail transport at a global level with the objective of optimally meeting current and future challenges of mobility and sustainable development  Promote interoperability, and as a Standard-Setting Organization, create new world IRSs (International Railway Solution) for railways (including common solutions with other transport modes)  Develop and facilitate all forms of international cooperation among members, facilitate the sharing of best practices (benchmarking)  Support members in their efforts to develop new business and new areas of activities  Propose new ways to improve technical and environmental performance of rail transport, improve competitiveness, reduce costs