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Traxens joins Smart Maritime Council

Initiative from Smart Maritime Network to supportcollaboration and standardization in development of ITsystems for shipping sector


Marseille, France, February 4th, 2020 – Traxens, a company providing high-value data and services for the supply chain industry, announces today that it has joined the Smart Maritime Council, an initiative set up by the Smart Maritime Network (SMN). Dr Hanane Becha, Traxens Innovation & Standards senior manager, has also been appointed as Traxens’ representative on the Council.

The Smart Maritime Council is a diverse industry membership group that includes maritime technology developers, systems integrators and other key stakeholders. It holds a series of meetings throughout the year to discuss areas of mutually beneficial collaboration on issues relating to the compatibility, standardisation and harmonisation of the technology used in the modern shipping industry.

“We are happy to welcome Traxens as a member, as our goal is to drive improved collaboration in the best interests of the maritime industry,” said Rob O’Dwyer, chief network officer of the Smart Maritime Network. “We are always looking to build stronger relationships between stakeholders in the shipping and logistics sectors, share our collective knowledge and discuss ways of shaping a better future for the maritime industry.”

By joining the Council, Traxens will build on its technological advances in supply chain management and work collaboratively with other members to improve integration, data sharing and business opportunities within the maritime industry. Vessel operators are also represented within the membership, providing the end-user’s perspective on maritime technology development and helping guide the Council’s discussions by making sure that shipping companies’ real-world operational requirements play a central role in future IT developments.

“Traxens is pleased to announce that it is now part of the Smart Maritime Council. We strive to change the narrative around interoperability, standardisation and harmonisation in the maritime industry,” said Dr Becha. “We look forward to collaborating with other members, working towards a bright future for the supply chain industry.”

The Smart Maritime Network provides a platform to promote the benefits of enhanced integration and data sharing amongst stakeholders within the maritime and transport logistics sectors. It informs and educates the industry on technological developments and innovations, at the same time providing wider opportunities for relationship building and knowledge sharing. The conclusions from Council meetings are usually shared with the wider maritime industry through a series of regional conferences held throughout the year.

Dr Becha will represent Traxens at the next Smart Maritime Network Conference, taking place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on February 19. As a keynote speaker, she will be discussing ‘Paving the Way to Better Data Integration and Advanced Smart Container Services’. This will cover smart container topics including the solutions they offer and the impact of data and predictive services on the shipping ecosystem, and a review of the UN/CEFACT Transport and Logistics Smart Container Project.

About Smart Maritime Network

The goal of the Smart Maritime Network (SMN) is to provide a platform to promote the benefits of enhanced integration and data sharing among stakeholders within the maritime and transport logistics sectors, informing and educating the industry on technological developments and innovations while providing wider opportunities for relationship building and knowledge sharing. This is achieved through the creation of a website offering free access to relevant industry news, interviews with thought leaders, white papers and presentations outlining new technologies and processes, as well as a range of additional podcasts and video content, to provide the most comprehensive knowledge bank on maritime innovation in the sector.

About Traxens

Traxens drives digital transformation in the global supply chain. The company’s breakthrough IoT technology, data science expertise, global logistics experience and standards leadership unlock the value of real-time data generated from cargo assets shipped by sea, rail and truck. Traxens is trusted by hundreds of global cargo owners, enabling them to reduce door-to-door transport costs, optimize their investments and minimize risk. By partnering with the world’s leading shipping lines, rail carriers and smart ports, Traxens helps all members of the global supply chain ecosystem improve decision making, operations and customer service. Traxens is privately held and headquartered in Marseille, France.  

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