Traxens joins French Smart Port in Med open innovation challenge

Project involves large groups, startups and SMEs; aims to experiment with new and innovative offers in the shipping sector

Marseille, France, February 5, 2020 – Traxens, a company that provides high-value data and services for the supply chain industry, announces today its participation in the French Smart Port in Med open innovation challenge. This project affirms and consolidates the port status of the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis. It also takes advantage of the digital revolution. It aims to develop innovative solutions, promote the economic potential of the port cluster and improve sustainable development for ports of the future.

Traxens is keen to be part of the Smart Port approach, in particular with its strategic objective of improving the economic and environmental performance of the port ecosystem, by helping to streamline shipping container logistics operations. With this in mind, it has launched a French Smart Port in Med challenge that will look at how to detect smart containers’ door openings. In this, it is seeking an innovative company to work alongside.

Through the use of its smart containers, Traxens provides direct access to high-value real-time data generated by assets in transit at sea, by rail and road. It provides detailed information on transportation, as well as the merchandise. The on-board technology includes GPS/GSM communication modules, worldwide positioning and data transmission, and a series of sensors that provide near real-time information on the goods, their movement, shocks, temperature and door openings; the latter the subject of the proposed challenge.

Detecting door openings, along with their geolocation, are fundamental needs in the supply chain industry. A container is not supposed to be opened once goods have been loaded, except on rare occasions, i.e. when a customs check is carried out. Information about a shipment is invaluable for all stakeholders, particularly if doors have been opened, as this could be a sign of theft.

A container that has been opened by a non-authorized person in a non-authorized area can also cause contamination, which has serious implications. Contamination is the act of smuggling objects, substances or goods into containers without the knowledge of security authorities, shipping companies and shippers. This could include drugs and weapons.

The Traxens-Box secures Smart Containers in transit by detecting door openings via light sensors, an advanced technology that works on dry containers but not on reefers, as the box is attached to the controller at the rear of the container.

Traxens wishes to challenge a start-up or SME to offer a second source of information, possibly retrieved via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with the Traxens Box, to send information in real time as soon as an event occurs. This second source of information would confirm or refute the detected event and allow the data to be used by the various participants in the supply chain.

This innovative approach should offer several benefits, in particular, improving the fluidity of port passage thanks to securing the Smart Container and limiting container immobilization as much as possible. The time saved would allow security and control authorities to focus their efforts on non-smart containers.

“We are the ‘Tom Thumb’ in this adventure, but our will to become the reference point for supply chain digital transformation pushes us to participate in such high-level initiatives,” said Sylvain Prevot, director of business development for Traxens. “To alert clients in cases of possible contamination without generating false alarms, Traxens must share qualified data that can be used directly by supply chain stakeholders and by the authorities, which is why we’ve launched this challenge.”

Supported by local organizations, the Smart Port in Med program brings together the promoters of the approach, the Grand Port Maritime of Marseille, the CCI Marseille Provence and Aix Marseille University, seven large private organizations and several stakeholders from the port and digital ecosystems of Aix-Marseille. The selected innovative SMEs and startups will be able to implement their solutions and help contribute to the creation of the ports of the future. The objective is to provide innovative companies with places to experiment, along with data, teams and the means of communication.

A press conference will take place on Thursday February 6 to explain the initiative (FR).

More information about the Open Innovation Challenge and the terms and conditions for applying.

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Traxens drives digital transformation in the global supply chain. The company’s breakthrough IoT technology, data science expertise, global logistics experience and standards leadership unlock the value of real-time data generated from cargo assets shipped by sea, rail and road. Traxens is trusted by hundreds of global cargo owners, enabling them to reduce door-to-door transport costs, optimize their investments and minimize risk. By partnering with the world’s leading shipping lines, rail carriers and smart ports, Traxens helps all members of the global supply chain ecosystem improve decision making, operations and customer service. Traxens is privately held and headquartered in Marseille, France.

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