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SNCF Logistics selects Traxens to create "The Digital Freight Train"

SNCF Logistics and TRAXƎNS are forming an innovation partnership due to start a brand new generation of freight trains in 2017. They will be equipped with connected units, providing new services to all rail freight players. The project acts as a real catalyst for the implementation of more modern, effective and safe rail freight.

Paris and Marseille, 30th March 2017

The partnership between SNCF Logistics and TRAXƎNS marks the end of a year of research, common work and tests to develop services suitable for rail freight based on a new connected unit solution.

This digital innovation will be operational in the second half of 2017 and will give rise to a new generation of freight trains, which will help improve the performance and appeal of rail in the goods transportation market.

If a majority of shippers say they are willing to resort to more rail freight, they wish that certain criteria such as real-time data and on-time deliveries are better taken into account, which would be guaranteed with future digital freight trains.

TRAXƎNS, a start-up created in Marseille in 2012, is the leader in digital solutions for sea freight. This company notably designed and industrialised the "connected container", providing key information on the transportation and delivery of a shipping container (location, temperature, etc.) in real-time.


Commissioning the digital freight train will meet several additional objectives:

- Providing new, high-added-value services to customers,

- Upgrading the economic model of rail freight by including new maintenance engineering and production processes,

- Improving safety and working conditions for agents,

- Developing new train safety inspection methods


To succeed in this large-scale digital freight train project, SNCF Logistics and TRAXƎNS are working in close collaboration to combine their know-how, knowledge and skills.

SNCF Logistics is providing its expertise on the needs of all players in rail freight and its knowledge on the expectations of goods railway transportation customers in Europe. TRAXƎNS is using its technological expertise gained from inventing and developing connected containers for the shipping sector.


A detailed presentation on the digital freight train will take place on 10 May this year, at the Munich Transport Logistic trade fair.

Alain Picard, CEO of SNCF LOGISTICS, states: "Digital freight train is a major innovation for placing rail freight at the heart of the transportation offering in the 21st Century. Our partnership with TRAXƎNS allows us to invent and implement a solution that will benefit all players in the sector: railway undertakings, railcar leasing companies and shippers". 

For TRAXƎNS, “To be chosen by SNCF for the digital freight train is both a huge boost for our young company and validation of our technology, which has proven to be the best solution for the digital train as well as for multi-modal containers.” observed Michel Fallah, Founder and CEO. “This is a promising sign for our development into new markets.”