CIMC IT & Traxens cooperate to establish a global open container monitoring market standard

Cooperation on technology and infrastructure will kick start the mass deployment of the container monitoring system that the industry has been waiting for.

Shenzhen and Marseille, 1st December 2016

CIMC IT the smart container technology branch of the world’s largest shipping container manufacturer and TRAXENS the smart container start-up backed by CMA CGM and MSC have agreed to create a global open container monitoring market standard.

Containers are often operated in remote areas without GSM signal and in environments with a large amount of metal and with moist saline atmosphere. They often stacked high on ships and in yards and travel to places with different regulations for radio emissions. Standardized technology in these very specific environments needs to be established and generalized.

CIMC IT and TRAXENS will share resources and cooperate to work on establishing a market standard and promoting smart containers.

CIMC IT and TRAXENS will continue to compete with their own smart container devices, network infrastructure and data platform however smart containers from TRAXENS will operate on ships equipped by CIMC IT and vice versa via a common low power consumption mesh radio network.

“We are very proud to be working with the excellent people at CIMC IT” said Michel Fallah, Founder and CEO of TRAXENS. “They have been doing pioneering work in container monitoring for many years”.

“We are looking forward working with Asian shipping lines and to extend the momentum already established in Europe by CMA CGM and MSC” added Likun Shi (Merry, Vice GM of CIMC IT.)

An alliance will be formed by mid-2017 uniting all partners using the smart container technology. The alliance and the technology will be named by its members to better represent its open and shared nature.
CIMC will also be integrating TRAXENS-BOX devices into newly manufactured containers for CMA CGM and MSC.