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Optimize your Fleet Management with our global Platform

  • Improve Fleet Productivity

Complete more bookings with real-time visibility into assets location, on rolling stock location and usage status

  • 5 Catch Problems Early

Get instant alerts for idling, speeding, engine faults, battery level, and geofences to keep your fleet safe and running.

  • Streamline Your Business

Simplify compliance and operations with a platform that combines GPS tracking, Hours of Service, temperature monitoring, and more.

  • Digital Brake test for Digital Freight Train

Secure train preparation while making economic benefits. Brake Test application cuts the pre-trip brake inspection from a typical 45 minutes to 15 minutes.

  • Share Live Tracking with Customers

Let customers track route progress and receive automatic updates. Improve customer happiness and reduce call volume by sharing arrival times and delays.

Get real insights on your operations

Access to our predictive algorithms catalog —all through a simple API    

  • Equipment no show prediction

Container arrival uncertainty in ports has become a very common but tricky problem worldwide.  The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) are given at predetermined time intervals, they are frequently updated due to unforeseen circumstances. This causes a lot of inconveniences that often impact on the efficiency of terminal operations and especially in the daily planning scenario. With our Iot Tracking device, by using geofencing technology coupled with ours Machine Learning algorithms, you will be able to know exactly where are your assets, when they will arrive to their destination and optimize your fleet management process.  

  • Equipment storage and repositioning optimization

Repositioning container is a costly and operational problems for assets owners and ports. More accurate forecasting of volumes of port empty container give access to more cost-efficient plans for the repositioning of empty containers in storage yard and moreover for shipping lines to respond to to the imbalance of container demand and supply invarious parts of the world.  

  • Equipment maintenance prediction

When it comes to asset management, the aim is to keep the asset up and running safely at maximum efficiency while keeping asset maintenance expenditures in check. Using correlations and links between various parameters from assets tracking datas, we develop predictive models and tools allowing our customers to further their aims of operational excellence.

And many more…

Install Your Hardware in Your Depots in minutes

  • Pearing Our Devices with Your assets with our Pearing app

Install our boxes and pair them to the assets (contenair, rail-car, genset,…) in 15 minutes with zero-configuration thanks to our app which associates our box with the equipment, synchronize the pairing with our platform and validate the equipment communication.

  • Remotely train and certify your depots

Thanks to our online learning platform (installation procedure, video tutorials) focused on improving the skills, capabilities of workforce within the depot in charge of the installation.

  • Monitoring Your IOT devices

Controls, manages and monitors yours IOT devices through their lifecycle thanks to our Device Management platform.