Geolocation data

Automatically detect transport mode, calculate mileage, and compute CO2 emissions with global, high-precision geolocation

Geofencing and predictive ETA

Create your own areas of interest and geofence them to accurately estimate arrival dates and times

Shock detection

Detect shocks on containers and assess severity through our shock algorithm

Door opening

Be alerted to unexpected container openings during the cargo journey

Temperature and humidity fluctuation

Monitor cargo remotely and measure environmental data, such as temperature and humidity, inside the asset

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Holistic Analysis Through
Data Interoperability

We collect, cleanse, and analyze massive amounts of real-time data from our own devices, but also from smart devices across the ecosystem. As asset keepers and asset users begin generating data streams from smart devices and remote sensors, we can collect, cleanse, and analyze multiple data sets from multiple providers.

Data interoperability enables holistic analysis. You receive meaningful information from anywhere across your supply chain. We give you better context for decision-making and better insight for collaborating with partners.

Integrated Insight
and Delivery

Our platform transforms data and distributes the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time. Access to our platform is available through an API. We enable you to make time-sensitive, data-backed decisions with end-to-end visibility.

Share Data
to Create Value

Partnership has been at the heart of our strategy from the beginning. Shared data enables everyone to connect the dots and create value for customers.

A Data Science Team with Industry Expertise

Data science and analysis is a rare, expensive commodity in the big-data world. Our data science team combines years of logistics, cargo, and transportation expertise with AI, machine learning, and other big-data analysis techniques. The resulting services enable you to better predict outcomes and make important decisions with less risk.


Data collection and enrichment


Data quality and integrity


Industry expertise


AI as a service


Decisions with less risk

Data collection and enrichment

We gather data from Traxens devices, other IoT and smart systems, and external data sources in a single, live end-to-end data stream platform

Data quality and integrity

Our rigorous, real-time data processing treatment uses multiple quality indicators to continuously clean data and deliver reliable, meaningful information

Industry expertise

Years of experience in global supply chains enable us to accurately analyze the right data and represent it meaningfully to any stakeholder

AI as a service

Our data science team's state-of-the-art technical expertise gives you access to AI-based data processing techniques, predictive algorithms, and machine learning analytics—all through a simple API

Decisions with less risk

Optimize supply-chain processes and inform decisions with real-time insight to improve profitability, reduce risk, and increase competitive advantage