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TRAXENS was created with the vision that multimodal container industry could make huge gains in efficiency, service, and protection of the planet if every company and every person in the supply chain has the right information at the right time. Any solution created to fulfill this vision had to be designed for massive deployment.

TRAXENS has innovated in three areas to make mass deployment possible: 

  • Hardware: to drive down the cost of deployement of container monitoring.
  • Software: for scalable big data processing and secure partitioned distribution.
  • Business model: where all stakeholders can share the benefits.

TRAXENS are now engaging with container manufacturers and lessors, shipping lines, port authorities, customs, freight forwarders, manufacturers, retailers and distributors to discuss the deployement and benefits of smart containers.

If you wish to explore the how you can benefit please contact us.


Our vision

Integrated Intelligent Multimodal Transport

Our mission

Allow optimal Coordination Of Your Cargo & Equipment