TRAXENS obtains “French Tech Pass” status 

TRAXENS French Tech Pass

TRAXENS has been awarded the “French Tech Pass” status for 2017-2018. The French Tech Pass is reserved for players in the digital economy with a potential for hyper growth. Read more about La French Tech

SNCF Logistics selects TRAXƎNS to create "The Digital Freight Train"

SNCF Logistics and TRAXƎNS are forming an innovation partnership due to start a brand new generation of freight trains in 2017. They will be equipped with connected units, providing new services to all rail freight players. The project acts as a real catalyst for the implementation of more modern, effective and safe rail freight.

Paris and Marseille, 30th March 2017

The partnership between SNCF Logistics and TRAXƎNS marks the end of a year of research, common work and tests to develop services suitable for rail freight based on a new connected unit solution.

This digital innovation will be operational in the second half of 2017 and will give rise to a new generation of freight trains, which will help improve the performance and appeal of rail in the goods transportation market.

If a majority of shippers say they are willing to resort to more rail freight, they wish that certain criteria such as real-time data and on-time deliveries are better taken into account, which would be guaranteed with future digital freight trains.

TRAXƎNS, a start-up created in Marseille in 2012, is the leader in digital solutions for sea freight. This company notably designed and industrialised the "connected container", providing key information on the transportation and delivery of a shipping container (location, temperature, etc.) in real-time.


Commissioning the digital freight train will meet several additional objectives:

- Providing new, high-added-value services to customers,

- Upgrading the economic model of rail freight by including new maintenance engineering and production processes,

- Improving safety and working conditions for agents,

- Developing new train safety inspection methods


To succeed in this large-scale digital freight train project, SNCF Logistics and TRAXƎNS are working in close collaboration to combine their know-how, knowledge and skills.

SNCF Logistics is providing its expertise on the needs of all players in rail freight and its knowledge on the expectations of goods railway transportation customers in Europe. TRAXƎNS is using its technological expertise gained from inventing and developing connected containers for the shipping sector.


A detailed presentation on the digital freight train will take place on 10 May this year, at the Munich Transport Logistic trade fair.

Alain Picard, CEO of SNCF LOGISTICS, states: "Digital freight train is a major innovation for placing rail freight at the heart of the transportation offering in the 21st Century. Our partnership with TRAXƎNS allows us to invent and implement a solution that will benefit all players in the sector: railway undertakings, railcar leasing companies and shippers". 

For TRAXƎNS, “To be chosen by SNCF for the digital freight train is both a huge boost for our young company and validation of our technology, which has proven to be the best solution for the digital train as well as for multi-modal containers.” observed Michel Fallah, Founder and CEO. “This is a promising sign for our development into new markets.”

MSC joins CMA CGM in backing TRAXENS

Cargo Monitoring Innovation Gets Strong Endorsement from Leading Shipping Lines and Set to Become an Industry Standard

Geneva and Marseille, 25th July 2016

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, a world leader in global container shipping, has joined CMA CGM, in backing French start-up, TRAXENS.
Founded in 2012, TRAXENS has been developing unique solutions for the cargo logistics arena, and has created an innovative container monitoring and coordination system.

With a combined fleet of 4.5 million units these two world leaders transport approximately 25% of the world’s shipping containers.

The agreement sees CMA CGM and MSC invest capital in TRAXENS, with each Group also represented on the Board of Directors.

The deployment of the TRAXENS devices across the fleets of both carriers will be announced in Q4 of this year.

Diego Aponte, President and CEO of MSC, said “We see container monitoring as an important innovation in providing our customers with a high quality of service, while also being able to monitor our outputs accurately. “We believe that shipping lines should naturally compete on service, but should co-operate in the area of technology and innovation.”

Rodolphe Saadé, Vice-Chairman of CMA CGM added “We recognized the need for more and better data coming from our containers quite a while ago. We are proud to have identified the potential of the TRAXENS solution early on. This is just a part of our global digital strategy”.

Michel Fallah, founder and CEO of TRAXENS concluded “We are of course delighted to have the backing of CMA CGM since 2012 and now of MSC. Our solution was designed from day one to be a global solution for all containers and all companies. This is an encouraging step towards setting a market standard”

CIMC IT & TRAXENS cooperate to establish a global open container monitoring market standard

Cooperation on technology and infrastructure will kick start the mass deployment of the container monitoring system that the industry has been waiting for.

Shenzhen and Marseille, 1st December 2016

CIMC IT the smart container technology branch of the world’s largest shipping container manufacturer and TRAXENS the smart container start-up backed by CMA CGM and MSC have agreed to create a global open container monitoring market standard.

Containers are often operated in remote areas without GSM signal and in environments with a large amount of metal and with moist saline atmosphere. They often stacked high on ships and in yards and travel to places with different regulations for radio emissions. Standardized technology in these very specific environments needs to be established and generalized.

CIMC IT and TRAXENS will share resources and cooperate to work on establishing a market standard and promoting smart containers.

CIMC IT and TRAXENS will continue to compete with their own smart container devices, network infrastructure and data platform however smart containers from TRAXENS will operate on ships equipped by CIMC IT and vice versa via a common low power consumption mesh radio network.

“We are very proud to be working with the excellent people at CIMC IT” said Michel Fallah, Founder and CEO of TRAXENS. “They have been doing pioneering work in container monitoring for many years”.

“We are looking forward working with Asian shipping lines and to extend the momentum already established in Europe by CMA CGM and MSC” added Likun Shi (Merry, Vice GM of CIMC IT.)

An alliance will be formed by mid-2017 uniting all partners using the smart container technology. The alliance and the technology will be named by its members to better represent its open and shared nature.
CIMC will also be integrating TRAXENS-BOX devices into newly manufactured containers for CMA CGM and MSC.

Smart container start-up TRAXENS opens its capital to TERTIUM

The investment fund TERTIUM invests in TRAXENS to bring IoT and Big Data benefits to the world of intermodal container shipping.

Marseille 4th November 2015.

Smart container start-up TRAXENS has received 1.5M€ in funding from the French Silicon Valley based investment fund TERTIUM. This capital increase leverages other financing developed with TRAXENS’ banks to support the production ramp-up needed to fulfill the significant order backlog of more than 100K devices and data subscriptions for delivery in 2016. Earlier in the year TRAXENS closed a financing round with shipping giant CMA CGM and two major French banks, Crédit Agricole and BPPC Group, and was awarded 2M€ in the International Innovation Challenge.

“The shipping container has already transformed the world economy, the smart container is the missing link which is going to complete the digital transformation of the supply chain.” said Michel Fallah, TRAXENS CEO & Founder. “We are delighted to work with an investment fund like TERTIUM who specializes in rapidly maturing markets and has understood the huge immediate benefits for the entire manufacturing and retail industry.”

“The investment in TRAXENS fits perfectly into our target of supporting high potential companies in Provence” added TERTIUM’S President Pierre Grand-Dufay. “We have been impressed with the potent combination of innovative technology, IP portfolio, management strength, business model and industrial partnerships. The TRAXENS solution has the potential to establish a worldwide standard.”

Partner Florence Canonge will represent TERTIUM on the TRAXENS’ board.


TRAXENS uses breakthrough technology for cost effective data capture from multimodal containers coupled with Big Data techniques to deliver actionable information to the right people and the right time. This information allows stakeholders in multimodal transport to improve costs, optimize investment, and offer premium services. TRAXENS works with partners to establish standards to allow interoperability across the whole shipping industry.

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TERTIUM is an investment fund based in the "French Silicon Valley" which manages funds from CEPAC (BPCE Group), AG2R La Mondiale, and more than 20 successful entrepreneurs from the PACA region (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) in the South of France. TERTIUM invests as a minority shareholder in regional companies with great international potential providing financial and active operational support through their network of experienced business leaders.

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