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Enhance Your Supply Chain with Smart Containers

Do Smart Containers sound convincing for you? So how do you start? TRAXENS allows you to start with a limited number of container trips with 24/7 visibility, notifications and dashboards before moving on to more sophisticated integrated solutions. Are you ready to enhance your supply chain with smart containers?



Shipping Line Executive's Guide to Smart Containers
  • Breakthrough technology means that the cost of Smart Containers is now minimal
  • Shippers and freight forwarders now recognise the value of real-time container monitoring and tracking, and are willing to invest in this digital supply chain transformation
  • Shipping lines can maximize their position as container owners (or lessees) to increase internal productivity and create a new revenue stream through Smart Containers.
The Supply Chain Executive's Guide to Smart Containers

Smart Containers are traditional multimodal containers with added electronics. The added electronics send

near real-time data about location, door opening and closing, vibrations, temperature and more to a cloud-based

big data platform. You can then access this data through smart phones, web browsers or via your

corporate TMS (Transportation Management System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).